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AMB Activ System Components

The Activ system is comprised of the transponder (1), decoder (2), detection loop (3), and timing software on a laptop computer (4).  The Activ system is compact in design. 


1) Activ Transponder:

The transponder attaches to an adjustable strap that wraps around the ankle of the athlete (or strapped around the head tube of a road or mountain bike) and is secure in place with a hook and loop fastener.  AMB transponders have internal long-life batteries that switch on and off as the athlete crosses over each start, split and finish line detection point.  The Activ transponder is designed for use in high-speed cycling or mountain bike races.  It is ideal for use in many other sporting events where speed do not exceed 40 miles per hour.

2) Activ Decoder:

Similar in size to a small hardback book, the Activ Decoder is both reliable and very accurate.  The decoder is a very powerful timing device capable of automatically timing dense packs of racers crossing/finishing at the same time.

3) Activ Detection Loop:

Approximately 3mm in profile height, the Activ Detection Loop is usually taped down to the race course providing very little resistance (if any) to racers.  The loop can also be buried under the ground for locations that are not conducive to tape.  The Activ Detection Loop comes long enough to cover up to a 12mm/36ft course width.  The AMB system does not use bulky mats and the detection loop weighs only 2lbs.  Providing split times for racers is now a realistic and affordable option for an event.  The loop sends the unique signal transmitted by each transponder to the decoder, and then on to the computer.

 4) Timing Software:

The AMB Activ system is compatible with many race scoring software programs. has been using Active Console since 2003.




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