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Pay Period Kickoff Call – Period Ending 2/4/14


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Leadership Pins Period Ending 2/4/14

These are the pins earned by our entire organization last pay period.

These are the pins in qualification by our entire organization this pay period.

The words like Gold, Silver, Ruby, etc. match up to the Income Disclosure statement below.

***Please note these are leadership pins in the Reynolds, Scheinder, Romanaskas, Bernal, Horsley, Ferngren and Buttar Organizations.

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Go for the No…

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"I have not failed. I've successfully found 10,000 ways that won't work." 

- Thomas Edison  



One of my first business mentors taught me how to "Go for the No"…


Reality: most people are so uncomfortable and afraid to tell someone "No", unfortunately they'll lie and evade instead, often ongoing. (not a malicious lie, but one of convenience and not wanting to hurt)…


 I learned that "No" isn't bad – it's good!  "No" allows me to clean up my list of potential teammates.


When we "successfully identify someone who's not a fit for AdvoCare", 

both we and they win…


Remember – not everyone has an AdvoCare business calling on their lives – so make sure we're giving those who are meant to be putting their talents in other areas an opportunity to firmly identify that to us – reality is we've often got to pull that out of people…


In college football recruiting, a coach will happily go for and take a firm "No" if it's the truth – that way they can move onto athletes who may indeed have a future in their programs…


Some examples of "GOING FOR THE NO":



- "Betty I wanna share AdvoCare with you and find out if it may be a fit for you, and I want you to know that it's OK if you tell me "No" after we meet."


- "Joe I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to share, and then will happily accept a "No" if what we're doing isn't a fit."


- "OK Bob we've danced around a bit on whether you're gonna look at this or not.  Let's do this; come to the Mixer/Event on Thursday – if after that you're not excited to move forward, I'll take it as a "No" and won't bring it up again unless you do.  But for us to figure out if this is a fit OR NOT, you gotta see it."



This may appear corny or exaggerated, but know that the heart of this training is to simply uncover the truth.  Part of our job as Advo leaders and coaches is to help people clarify and say what they really want.


I respect someone who can say "No" – and I've committed to do my best in helping someone say if it's the truth.





Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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Tips for breaking through weight loss plateaus…

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Sometimes on the weight loss journey, the scale stops moving…


Our bodies may be taking a break and we just need to persist…


Yet sometimes its helpful to mix things up…



You Control 3 Variables: Fitness, Food, & Supplements…



- There are 3 variables we control: frequency, duration, and intensity

- Frequency: how many times per week are you working out?  Might be time to bump it up to 5 days per week.

- Duration: how long are your workouts?  Might be time to bump the workout from 30 mins to 45 mins.

- Intensity: how focused and intense are your workouts?  Might be time to weave in some interval training, super-sets, CrossFit, etc.

*In my opinion, the 2 most important variables are frequency and intensity; high quality workouts 4-5 days per week is a recipe for success - 

are you doing that?


Nutrition & Lifestyle:

- Food: might be time for some strict carbo counting – are you staying around or under 100 grams of carbs per day?  The only way to justify more would be if you're training for competition, trying to gain weight, or accommodating a specific nutritional issue per Dr's recommendations…

- Water: being hydrated helps your metabolism by around 25%, I make myself have daily "focused chugging sessions" to stay on target

- Binging?  Avoid "episodes" of nutritional disaster… don't wreck yourself on the weekends and then try to spend all week erasing the damage

- Wine?  Alcohol is a "volumizer", you'll retain water and your metabolism will function slower.  You may want to abstain or minimize until your goal is achieved, then it's about moderation for maintenance.

- Simplicity: keep in mind that food is energy for living, 95% of the time hopefully we're thinking about food in terms of fuel rather than pleasure.


Advocare Nutritionals:

- Rehydrate: an unsung hero of Advocare – consider using Rehydrate in the afternoon and after dinner to combat false hunger cravings

- ThermoPlus: helps burn additional fat & cals

- Meal Replacement Shakes: for some, this product can have a "volumizing" effect, consider laying off the shakes if that's you and you've plateaued in your weight loss.  Remember, this product is a builder, it is not a "weight loss" product.  For some it's helpful with initial weight loss in the 24 Day Challenge, but I'd advise experimenting to figure out if it's meant to be a long term product for you. Every body and metabolism is different.  Maybe you can successfully "cycle" on and off of them?  Experiment and do what works for YOUR body. (Amber has a Meal Replacement Shake every morning.  For me, whole food works best)

- MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System): this is a key nutritional for optimal metabolism

- Cleanse: might be time for a strict cleanse; when I'm looking for a cleanse to make a major impact, I'll do only fruit until noon each day.

- My morning?  MNS Max3, Catalyst (3), ThermoPlus (2), washed down with Spark & Arginine Extreme combo



 If you're experiencing a lull in your weight loss journey, chances are there are some variables above that will make the difference for you.  It's up to you to give yourself an honest assessment, then begin the action & experimentation process.  If there is any doubt or question about the above options, run it by 

your health care provider.


Matt Warren

AdvoCare Distributor Since 2004

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