What top champions in Advocare look like

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Many of our top leaders didn’t look like leaders when they started. Many of them shared the sentiment at 1:58 in this video. Remember YOU are important and only YOU can do what you were meant to on Team Advocare. Persevere, regardless of how weird others think you are.

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Pay Period Kickoff Call – Period Ending 9/3/13


Listen Online

Dial In
Dial 1-712-432-3131 and enter Recording ID: 83923574 when prompted for it. Deb Cheslow KILLED it! http://www.debcheslow.com/teambuttar

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Leadership Pins Period Ending 9/3/13

These are the pins earned by our entire organization last pay period.

pinsThere are the pins in qualification by our entire organization this pay period.  Click the image for a bigger picture, there’s 65 champions on there!


The words like Gold, Silver, Ruby, etc. match up to the Income Disclosure statement below.


***Please note these are leadership pins in the Romanaskas, Bernal, Horsley, Ferngren and Buttar Organizations.

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5 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do

 Mental Toughness Arnold Schwarzenegger

Whether you are on the court or in the board room. Mental strength is demanded on a day to day basis for those in high profile positions. Athlete’s, CEO’s and risk hungry Entrepreneurs excel in {read the rest here}

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Your game plan for Labor Day 2013

For this weekend use a combination or one of these images on your Facebook.





If you get interest you HAVE TO BUY TIME!!!! You can’t slow down your momentum to answer the questions you’re going to get, tell them you have answers and ask for an appointment next week. Have a game plan in your mind (or save this post) of sending them to 3 distinct steps between the time they express interest and your appointment time.

  1. Send them to http://www.introadvocare.com  use these lines. “This is a 40 minute presentation from the top earner in Advocare, after you watch it call me back.”  You are gauging their ability to carve 40 minutes out of their life into see if they have more than a passing interest.  When they call back, ask them “what are you thinking?”  Your mission is to find out if Advisor is right for them, invest the time to ask enough questions to get there.  If and ONLY if they want to know details about Advisor Go to step 2  If they don’t call you back OR they haven’t watched the video, there are no other action steps.
  2. Send them to http://www.advisormovie.com  use these lines.  “My friend Wes made this video that explains the multiple ways of getting to Advisor.  It’s only 18 minutes long.  Call me when you’re done watching it.”  By now you can be sure that you have a potential business builder.  When they call back, ask them “what are you thinking?”  Your mission is to find out which method of Advisor is going to work for them.  Once you know which one they are leaning towards (remember it’s their decision, all you have to do is listen very intently) ask them for 3 days and 3 time slots where you can introduce them to your team leader. Sell them on the idea that your team leader has 4 things the prospect needs Knowledge, Credibility, Experience and a Track Record if they are unwilling to give you 3 options they are not serious.  Just get them onto a 24 day challenge to validate the products.  If and ONLY if they give you 3 time slots say these words.  “Perfect, I’m going to reach out and make sure one of these time slots will work with them.  I’ll call you back as soon as I hear.  In the mean time I’m going to email you a link for a conference some friends just recorded about what you can expect from your decision to go to Advisor.  Check your email as soon as we’re done talking.” Email them this link http://www.buttar.com/2013/08/30/why-advisor  Call your team leader and get onto their schedule for a 3 way call or get the line in on a meeting.  Then call back your prospect with the 3 way call specifics like phone number, listen with your journal, etc.

This business is easy.  Unless you don’t know what you’re doing and then it’s very very difficult and you won’t get results.  Dont’ squander this weekend by “inventing” your own way to do things.


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