The Experts…

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The Experts… Are Often Wrong


The Denver Broncos are allowed 53 men on their roster…


Of their 53 current players, 12 were UN-DRAFTED:


Wes Welker

Wesley Woodyard

CJ Anderson

Duke Ihenacho

Steven Johnson

Adrian Robinson

Chris Harris

Mitch Unrein

Tony Carter

Chris Clark

Mike Adams

Paris Lenon



The "experts", in all their calculations and theories, misjudged these 12, and rated many other players more worthy of being selected in the draft…


But these 12 didn't listen to the experts.  They got their shot to prove themselves on the field, and now they're on one of the great NFL teams.


I've been underestimated and unselected in the past – chances are you've been as well…


AdvoCare gives us a chance to "hire" ourselves.  We step on the field of play, do the work over time, and earn the pin and pay that's attached to it.


Be encouraged!




Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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Training call with Danny McDaniel – Tonight (Sun. 10/6)!



Do you find retailing products difficult? Join Triple Diamond Danny McDaniel as he unpacks a powerful training on how to move products and in turn, develop a successful retail business!


Strategies Include:

  • How to Retail
  • How to Follow Up
  • How to Talk To People About Products

If you desire success in this business, then do not miss this call! Remember, "where products go, business flows."

Sunday, October 6th

Phone Number: 712-432-3131



Call Times: 5pm PT, 6pm PT, 7pm PT & 8pm PT 

(4 opportunities!)


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Learning from those who went first



In any industry, companies look for and need "Fore-Runners" that are willing to put boots on the ground and do the dirty work that most people are unwilling to do.  If that isn't hard enough, the vision that must be seen and spoken can be even harder. This spoken vision requires belief and a deep purpose in the WHY.


In the book, "Undaunted Courage," the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800's – Lewis and Clark were our country's original Fore-Runners. Their mission was to discover what was on the other side of the continental divide and find a trade route to the promise land (access to the Pacific Ocean). Prior to their mission, no one had any idea what was on the other side of the Appalachian mountain range…for all they knew dinosaurs still existed over there. 


I don't know about you but when I read Danny McDaniel's book, "Only Believe" I can't help but wonder – "would I have been willing to do what he and Diane back did in 1999" (along with all the other AdvoCare Fore-Runners – Gillespies, Leitgebs, Cashs, Hadachecks, Donnellys)?  Considering there was no website to check reports, no Facebook to connect with old HS friends, no text messaging – it makes me want to suck it up when I feel like complaining that something isn't going right in our business.   More importantly though, it fills me with gratitude. 


I'm extremely grateful that:

*We don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on conference calls.

*We don't have to stick up poll signs on street corners.

*We don't have to drink the original flavored Spark.

*We have leaders who have proven and demonstrated a Success System.

*We have leaders in our company who model servant leadership.

*We have leaders in our company who have put boots on the ground and cleared a pathway for us to follow.


The mechanics of this business are pretty simple and it only gets hard when we try and re-engineer a system that has been sculpted and molded over 20 years.  


I don't know about you but I certainly feel obligated to not fumble this opportunity.   Let's protect it, wrap both arms around the rock and run like heck cause we owe it to our Fore-Runners to keep speaking the vision and carrying out the mission that was started in 1993.


Enjoy the journey and let us always be grateful – cause that's where life happens.


Mike Friedrich

AdvoCare, Platinum Independent Distributor

Kirkland, WA 

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Shut. It. Off.


POWERFUL perspective from Diamond Terry Paulson.

“I feel compelled to share this. If you do not watch or listen to the news, you might not be aware of this. But I am guessing 90% of you who are reading this might very well be caught up in it.

Let me start here: I made a conscious decision after the last presidential election to not plug into the 24-hour news cycle except to be aware of the bare essentials.

Here is why: After the 2012 presidential election Richard Wright hosted a phone call with all the Diamonds. As many of you know, Richard Wright is conservative. But, he supports Democrats AND Republicans who support the free enterprise system.

Richard was disappointed in the results of the election. But here is what he said on that call that really resonated with me, “During the last four years many of you have become millionaires in this business. If you keep your boat in the water for the next four years you can become millionaires many times over.”

Why am I sharing this? Keep reading…

Diamond distributor Bob Ferngren shared this on a conference call with a prospect of mine a couple of weeks ago. He said, “It does not matter what side of the political isle you fall on. Contrary to public opinion the United States does not have a health care problem. We have a health problem.”

Many of you know Bob Ferngren’s story. He was active in the restaurant industry for many years. He said to my prospect, “I rode the economic boom in the restaurant industry through the 80s and the 90s. Now there is a restaurant on every corner. That opportunity is gone. Brother, I am going to ride this opportunity to the end (AdvoCare – health and wellness) because it is going to be huge.”

Last week I was sharing AdvoCare in Arizona and California. On October 2nd, the day the government shut down I visited the Reagan Library. Because of the government shut down I could not visit the library and archives because that section is run by the federal government. Did you notice I did not jump on FB and express my outrage? No, you did not. Why? Because there is nothing I can do about it.

On my way from Santa Barbara to Cost Mesa I listened to little bit of Fox News on the satellite radio in my rental vehicle. What do you think happened? My blood pressure went up. I got angry. And I started to get sucked into this entire debate about health care. I shut it off. I will let the experts take care of it.

The reality is this: Congress passed ObamaCare. The Supreme Court affirmed it. It’s the law of the land.

Could it be repealed like prohibition? Maybe? But I am not going to put my life on hold for the next two years to see if that is going to happen.

I am going to continue to disengage from the media because it affects my mindset AND I am going to make millions of dollars.

Why? Because ObamaCare could be the best gift we have ever been given as AdvoCare distributors.

I know what I am going to do.

What are YOU going to do?”

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Wolfpack by the numbers period ending 10/1/13

Mission: Lead others to discover their potential in Health, Finances and Leadership.
Values: Nobody EVER gets left behind.
Creed (a statement of belief): Invictus. (Latin for unconquerable)

New Advisors: 90 (Record is 171 set on 5/7/13)
New Distributors:  829 (Record is 1,301 set on 5/7/13)
Sponsoring Leaders:  583 (Record is 730 set on 5/7/13)

Congratulations Pin Earners!

Baron, Christine
Kidd, Jamie
Switzer, Robin
Ventress, Mary Vance

Jetton, Alexis

Fight Club (3K PGV or higher)
1. Danielle & Jonathan Butler – 9741.75
2. Mike & Kim West – 8066.45
3. Samantha Sagot – 7767.45
4. James Rutter – 7544.15
5. Matt Cullen – 6971.35
6. Kari & Barry Boatner – 5850.8
7. Anna & Chuck Lemmond – 5763.25
8. Angela Tague – 5068.9
9. Danielle & Victor Raczka – 4694.05
10. Brandi & Kyle Mcelhaney – 4416.7
11. Brian & Torri Fussell – 4062.9
12. Tonya Montisano – 4054.45
13. Megan & Dustin Karls – 4039.65
14. Casie & Derek Scott – 3923.2
15. Lawson & Jessica Bost – 3652.95
16. Cameron & Kristen Upchurch – 3570.9
17. Renee & Jeremy Easterly – 3437.8
18. Burt & Melissa Khan – 3319.35
19. Cj & Meleisa Stockel – 3258.6
20. Donna Breaux – 3250.25
21. Andrea Dacosta – 3116.6
22. Nikki Golio – 3089.15
23. Michael & Courtney Marks – 3087.1
24. Walter & Angie Konarski – 3080.25
25. Chuck Lukemann – 3041.85
26. Michelle Kendrick – 3027.25
27. Amy & John Burton – 3019
28. Gabriel Jackson – 3017.75
29. Jeremy Verhulst – 3017.6
30. Rachel & Jason Robinson – 3007.7
(Not including Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

2+ Front line Sponsoring Club
Raczka, Danielle – 7
Sagot, Samantha – 7
Cullen, Matt – 5
Mcelhaney, Brandi – 5
Butler, Danielle – 4
Hinson, John – 4
Jetton, Alexis – 4
Lemmond, Anna – 4
Paramour, Pamela – 4
Bost, Lawson – 3
Delp, Joshua – 3
Raymon, Tonya – 3
Stockel, Cj – 3
Aronoff, Dawn – 2
Bingham, Kendall – 2
Boatner, Kari – 2
Boger, Todd – 2
Burton, Amy – 2
Cutone, Jillian – 2
Greenberg, Steve – 2
Hall, Michael – 2
Karls, Megan – 2
Konarski, Walter – 2
Lassiter, Tori – 2
Marks, Michael – 2
Mercer, Lori – 2
Montisano, Tonya – 2
Murphy, Ashley – 2
Orr, Erin – 2
Price, Jamie – 2
Robinson, Rachel – 2
Rutter, James – 2
Scott, Casie – 2
Ventress, Mary Vance – 2
Weiler, Bonnie – 2
Wells, Kristi – 2
West, Mike – 2
(Not including Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

Top 50 Override (building a team of leaders and earning residual income) 
1. Jason Horsley – Pembroke Pines, FL
2. Joyce & Robert Ferngren – Orlando, FL
3. Tori & Anthony Bernal – Fort Worth, TX
4. Charisse & Clint Sneddeker – Little Elm, TX
5. Meghan & Jason Herrera – Aurora, CO
6. Chana & Joe Navarro – Little Elm, TX
7. Kayla Backlund – Aurora, CO
8. Cj & Meleisa D Stockel – Hoschton, GA
9. Michelle & Robert Romanaskas – Scranton, PA
10. Jesse & Elizabeth A Reynolds – Jacksonville, FL
11. Jason & Christine K Yusavage – Olyphant, PA
12. Braunwaun Burkholder – Midland, TX
13. Kitt & Karen Hildreth – Longwood, FL
14. Yadira & Art J. Schulz – Apopka, FL
15. Talia Walsh – Scranton, PA
16. Holly & Mike Evans – Midland, TX
17. Brandon & Kathy Eiff – Montgomery, AL
18. Heidi & Dennis Fleming – Port Orange, FL
19. Sarah & Cody Davidson – Midland, TX
20. Angel & Cody Maxwell – Denver City, TX
21. Joy Marinas – Waynesville, NC
22. Charlie & Theresa Norman – Valrico, FL
23. Matthew & Patricia Constantino – Farmington, NY
24. Leda Perez-Castillo – Ocala, FL
25. Lori Gandolfo – High Point, NC
26. Jorge & Ana Zorrilla – Orlando, FL
27. Cari & Brian Schlauch – Helena, MT
28. Denise & Justin Mason – Seminole, TX
29. David & Patricia A. Claytor – Saint Cloud, FL
30. Todd & Hollie Vokal – Hoschton, GA
31. Lisa & David Sentner – Pittsburgh, PA
32. James & Stephanie M Cuilty – Kissimmee, FL
33. Luis Rodriguez – Altamonte Springs, FL
34. James & Dody Sorrells – Braselton, GA
35. Maria & Jeremy Ruby – Eynon, PA
36. Anthony & Gina Boyer – Kissimmee, FL
37. Breanne Sprague – Fishers, IN
38. Pam Giese – Port Orange, FL
39. James Rutter – Montgomery, AL
40. Mark Mccoy – Apopka, FL
41. Crystal & Troy Foxworth – Nederland, TX
42. Jamie & Derreck Moore – Owens Cross Roads, AL
43. Dustin & Lolita Gassert – Saint Cloud, FL
44. Danielle & Jonathan Butler – Oakwood, GA
45. Frankie Long – Apopka, FL
46. Shawna Lemmon – Edgewater, FL
47. Freddy & Sherry Pipes – Snyder, TX
48. Corey & Katie Toms – Beaumont, TX
49. Kimberly Quinn – Dallas, PA
50. Rebekah & Nathan Dunning – Cincinnati, OH
(You would have had to earn around $900 in Override to make the top 50)

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Distributors who earned Leads in Quarter 4
Eiff, Brandon – Montgomery, AL
Henry, Margaret N. – Pike Road, AL
Lassiter, Tori – Montgomery, AL
Matthews, Kayla – Loxley, AL
Moore, Jamie – Owens Cross Roads, AL
Pugh, Alece – Magnolia Springs, AL
Robinson, Rachel – Fairhope, AL
Rutter, James – Montgomery, AL
Scott, Casie – Montgomery, AL
Stoker, Andrea – Moody, AL
Cimino, Louis – Cabot, AR
Davenport, Chris – Little Rock, AR
Martin, Angela – Beebe, AR
Rice, Brett – Cabot, AR
Backlund, Kayla – Aurora, CO
Carrera, Stephanie – Henderson, CO
Conkright Ii, Kenneth – Thornton, CO
Hammond, Sarah – Fort Collins, CO
Herrera, Meghan – Aurora, CO
Lombardo, Melissa – Brighton, CO
Lovell, Anastashia – Golden, CO
Moss, Morgan – Fowler, CO
Moss, Sandy – Fowler, CO
Waggoner, Jenna – Fowler, CO
Banks, Robbin – West Suffield, CT
Bing, Joy – Jacksonville, FL
Blas, Mark – Pembroke Pines, FL
Boatner, Kari – Daytona Beach, FL
Boyer, Anthony – Kissimmee, FL
Chavers, Michelle – Jupiter, FL
Copley, Rick – Eustis, FL
Cruz, Corinna – Oviedo, FL
Cuilty, James – Kissimmee, FL
Dalabona, Chantal – Altamonte Springs, FL
Eaton, Ingrid – Royal Palm Beach, FL
Ferngren, Joyce – Orlando, FL
Fitzpatrick, Barbara – Palmetto, FL
Fleming, Heidi – Port Orange, FL
Foster, Delaney – Eustis, FL
Gassert, Dustin – Saint Cloud, FL
Giese, Pam – Port Orange, FL
Hall, Lisa – Port Orange, FL
Harvey, Amanda – Yulee, FL
Hildreth, Kitt – Longwood, FL
Hinson, John – Jacksonville, FL
Horsley, Jason – Pembroke Pines, FL
Howard, Stephanie – Bradenton, FL
Jetton, Alexis – New Smyrna Beach, FL
Johnson, Sidney – Jacksonville, FL
Katz, Mary – Lehigh Acres, FL
Kerley, Jennifer – Jacksonville, FL
Lemmon, Shawna – Edgewater, FL
Mccoy, Mark – Apopka, FL
Mcleod, Michele – Davenport, FL
Mcneil, Diane – Deltona, FL
Norman, Charlie – Valrico, FL
Pate, Lorri – St. Cloud, FL
Perez-Castillo, Leda – Ocala, FL
Peters, Linda – Umatilla, FL
Platter, Stacey – Apopka, FL
Price, Jamie – Lynn Haven, FL
Reynolds, Jesse – Jacksonville, FL
Rocha, Melinda – Winter Garden, FL
Saville, Tracey – Pt Charlotte, FL
Schulz, Yadira – Apopka, FL
Tague, Angela – Port Orange, FL
Thornton, Michael – Saint Cloud,, FL
Zorrilla, Jorge – Orlando, FL
Bost, Lawson – Rome, GA
Butler, Danielle – Oakwood, GA
Stockel, Cj – Hoschton, GA
Upchurch, Cameron – Buford, GA
Vokal, Todd – Hoschton, GA
Baker, Alisha – Indianapolis, IN
Crawford, Marcia – Leo, IN
Sprague, Breanne – Fishers, IN
Aronoff, Dawn – Leawood, KS
Greenberg, Steve – Overland Park, KS
Desmond, Annmarie – Hartford, KY
Dannolfo, Nichole – Westfield, MA
Giulian, Danielle – Pittsfield, MA
Morris, Reary – North East, MD
Burton, Amy – Raymore, MO
Horne, Kalli – Jefferson City, MT
Mee, Kaylin – Dillon, MT
Schlauch, Cari – Helena, MT
Shein, Aimee – Helena, MT
Gandolfo, Lori – High Point, NC
Marinas, Joy – Waynesville, NC
Stamey, Donna – Canton, NC
Heiselman, Lee – Bellevue, NE
Caravella, Jaime – Toms River, NJ
Golio, Nikki – Laurence Harbor, NJ
Mccambley, Bill – Hopatcong, NJ
Forney, Kendra – Las Vegas, NV
Melendrez, Jeana – Las Vegas, NV
Constantino, Matthew – Farmington, NY
Dunning, Rebekah – Cincinnati, OH
Tokarsky, Shanna – Berea, OH
Byers, Mary Lynn – Peckville, PA
Cadman, Nicole – Sharpsville, PA
Collazo, Brianna – Stroudsburg, PA
Czaja, Betsy – Dickson City, PA
Deluca, Rob – Scranton, PA
Doughton, Karen – Olyphant, PA
Fuss, Stephanie – State College, PA
Gauntner, Jennifer – Pittsburgh, PA
Graniel, Michele – Scranton, PA
Ivan, Courtney – Hermitage, PA
Lesh, David – Scranton, PA
Lutkowski, Joseph – Old Forge, PA
Mielnik, Shannon – Spring Brook Township, PA
Ofner, Danielle – Carbondale, PA
Palazzari, Jennifer – Jessup, PA
Pham, Stephanie – Pittsburgh, PA
Quinn, Kimberly – Dallas, PA
Raczka, Danielle – Pottsville, PA
Romanaskas, Michelle – Scranton, PA
Ruby, Maria – Eynon, PA
Ryan, Sally – Fairmount City, PA
Sentner, Lisa – Pittsburgh, PA
Sheehan, Angela – Moscow, PA
Slick, Jerry – Vandling, PA
Spathelf, Danielle – Scranton, PA
Stebler, Kristi – Pittsburgh, PA
Stiltenpole, Ronald – Scranton, PA
Szili, Cara – Forest City, PA
Szymanowski, Joshua – Girard, PA
Tanner, Renee – Scranton, PA
Tompkins, Melody – Scott Township, PA
Tumpa, Christopher – Pittsburgh, PA
Walsh, Talia – Scranton, PA
West, Danae – Cranberry Township, PA
Wingerter, Shannon – Fairview, PA
Yusavage, Jason – Olyphant, PA
Fussell, Brian – Lebanon, TN
Arnold, Kayla – Lewisville, TX
Bell, Kelsey – Abilene, TX
Bernal, Tori – Fort Worth, TX
Blount, Janelle – Odessa, TX
Brown, Francia – Midland, TX
Claburn, Melissa – Midland, TX
Clements, Jamie – Silsbee, TX
Davidson, Sarah – Midland, TX
Dolan, Mara – Midland, TX
Evans, Holly – Midland, TX
Foxworth, Crystal – Nederland, TX
Gregory, Magen – Midland, TX
Halbert, Lauren – Abilene, TX
Hill, Jennifer – Mckinney, TX
Huckabee, Krysta – Burnet, TX
Kincaid, Tara – Lubbock, TX
Maxwell, Angel – Denver City, TX
Mcelhaney, Brandi – El Paso, TX
Mcnew, Jennifer – Midland, TX
Miller, Lauren – Dallas, TX
Modawell, Debbie – Midland, TX
Morgan, Kimberly – Anna, TX
Navarro, Chana – Little Elm, TX
Pipes, Freddy – Snyder, TX
Redwine, Trisha – Nederland, TX
Reynolds, Allison – Hewitt, TX
Rollins, Glen – Beaumont, TX
Rupe, Kinsley – Midland, TX
Sanders, Gail – Copperas Cove, TX
Sanders, Jennifer E. – Copperas Cove, TX
Sneddeker, Charisse – Little Elm, TX
Templin, Chaz – Nederland, TX
Thomas, Karen – Mckinney, TX
Tiller, Korah – Fort Worth, TX
Toms, Corey – Beaumont, TX
Van Meter, Kalee – Midland, TX
Voss, Katie – Snyder, TX
Welch, Heather – Midland, TX
Welch, Lance – Midland, TX
Battenfield, Belinda – Bristow, VA
Domenick, Tanya – Virginia Beach, VA
Hyatt, April – Virginia Beach, VA
Scott, Kelsey – Douglas, WY

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