Regarding Mr. Froning


Be careful Please!

It has come to our attention (all the diamonds) that since announcement of Rich Froning (3x world’s fittest man) being an Advocare Endorser that many Crossfit owners across the nation are being fire hosed by Advocare Distributors. The credibility Rich brings is amazing for us but we must use it wisely.

Remember that Advocare is about “layers of conviction” that increase value in what Advocare can do for them. When speaking with a gym owner (crossfit or other):

  1. Has a prior relationship established? Cold introductions will never close a gym owner. Do they like and trust you or did a credible source they know refer you. The question needs to be asked, “Have you heard of Advocare?” and if so, “who’d you hear it from? Just because you work out at a gym doesn’t given you ownership. The plan must be shared on purpose.
  2. We can’t degrade other companies or people. Out of excitement we need to be careful not to demean a person because they aren’t on Advocare. If it’s not shared out of being genuine, passionate and with others needs in mind, we may look arrogant, incompetent or needy. These feelings can jeopardize our reputation in the marketplace or lose the opportunity to bring great team members on board team Advocare!

I know that nobody would do this intentionally so just being aware is important to teach your new team members so we can continue to be well respected and valued.

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