BIG UPside

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BIG UPside


There are several reasons people choose to build AdvoCare…


Let's examine one: MUNY


There are many things we can do to earn muny, but we choose AdvoCare because we like the products, team building, positive environment, working our own schedule, etc…


Even if AdvoCare capped our earning potential at 100K per year (for example), we'd still work it as hard as we work it now. But Advo can pay us so much more…


That's a BIG thing many people miss… that it CAN pay us big, that it's POSSIBLE to earn over 1 Mil per year here…


Just that it's POSSIBLE gave us great hope early on.  We said, if there are all these families in different regions of the U.S. making 100K plus per MONTH, then I know we can eventually do 1/10th of that, and with that we'd have a great income but also an income with time freedom – I'll commit to and pursue that!


Reality: Many people choose a career primarily based on how much MUNY they can earn.


Answer this question: What do you feel is the primary reason someone pursues a career as a stock broker, pharma or medical device rep?


Because they like helping people?  Get real.  They may like that but that's NOT the reason they choose THAT job.


The answer is simple: MUNY.  You can talk around it but its just a fact.  MUNY is the primary driver.


So if MUNY is such a big driver, what's an even BIGGER driver?




In a job, people get the all mighty CERTAINTY:


Reality: most will take a certain & immediate 150K+ annual income over an uncertain and built-over-time 500K+ annual income.


Why is that?  Certainty and instant reward are powerful drivers…  Most people don't think in terms of 5 years down the road of designing of life.


"The quality of your life will be directly related to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with."

Tony Robbins


What about this:  What if you knew you were only ever going to reach 150K annual income here but it was going to take you 10 years to build that?  Isn't it still worth it?  Consider that you'll need to only put in 10-20 hours (high side) per week to maintain that.  The alternative is a 150K annual job that requires at least 50hours+ weekly to keep that.


Why don't more people see this?


Why don't more people act on this?


It's truly a mystery to me.


And in the end it doesn't matter that more don't act on it, whats important is that SOME DO :)


Here was and is my certainty: our products rock, our business is proven, our people and culture are second to none, and if I keep working this I'm sure to add to my monthly residual income.  That certainty makes sense to me.


(Oh… important point…  You can build this outside of your "certain" day job.  It's such a no-brainer.  Why don't more people give themselves a SHOT at an upside life???)


Even outside of all the good and positive virtues this business provides, the income and lifestyle alone are impossible to beat.  


This concept is a difference making distinction.  I remember it hitting me.


I write this to those of you who're trying to figure out your path with this, and I hope it HITS those of you whom it's meant to hit.


You must decide that you're simply building this… that this is not some by chance vitamin thing that works for some and not others.  Success is a decision made up front.


"I'm building AdvoCare.  I'm in business development for a world class line of nutriceuticals and I'm building a team of champions who build champions."


Go build it and make a life beyond compare.






Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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One person can change everything…

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One Person Can Change Everything


People sometimes quit this business because they've mistaken the target…


If you desire to build a strong team & solid residual income business, we've got to attract "difference makers"…


The special difference makers don't come around everyday, and that's where people fail… they expect something "special" to happen immediate and often…


Some people want absolute control.  They want a blanket type of response to their message, i.e. "if I present X times in such a way, I will get X # of business builders".  They lean on pure logic and not faith.  This business requires a blend of logic and faith…


Like many businesses out there, lots of things factor into win-win relationships coming together: timing, chemistry, culture fit, skill set, etc…


Early on, Amber & I heard this statement and we've held onto it ever since…




That applies to a matured, successful business as well.  Top earners don't have a team full of business builders, they have exactly what was just said… lots of product users with builders sprinkled in… there is just more of everything because they've been at it longer and once a difference maker comes aboard, the team is now getting out a ton more product as well.


Situations and people don't disappoint me anymore.  I just know that over time, I'm projecting a message and when it hits the right ears, things POP to a new level, seemingly overnight.  


YOU are ONE difference maker away from your team & income dreams coming true.


Will they join this week?  Next year?  Have you met them yet?  How exciting! 


Full transparency: We pray for the right people to be led to us and us to them, and for us to be worthy and capable leaders.  After all, there are people out there right now looking for you and what you offer… why not engage some Divine support to help the connection happen?  Also, consider coming from a place of mission, purpose, and meeting someones needs versus getting a personal need met… I believe the All Mighty will dig that request!


"I am guided" is a personal Core Belief of mine.  Are you operating from a place of being guided?  Do you believe there is a big picture being worked out and that you're an important piece to this bigger picture?  Believe that.  It changes how and why you "work".


 Join me in embracing the process.  Be the best you, project a strong message of what you're building, and have faith!



Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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If You Build It, They Will Come…

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If You Build It, They Will Come


We've all heard that line from the movie "Field of Dreams"…


It applies to so many things, including how this business is built…


If you expect those you already know to jump on board your new business, you'll be in an extreme minority if everything goes your way… and you'll be out of touch with what it takes for the average person to make it here…


Remember: chemistry, culture fit, timing, family/friend dynamics are all factors.  Maybe it's a fit for those close to you right now, maybe not…


It doesn't matter.


What matters is the vision of the Team you're building.


I remember Amber and me sitting on our porch, early on, being discouraged about who just quit.  Right then and there we made a DECISION…


The Decision: We'd not yet met our best friends and teammates.


That decision became our truth.


It's as simple as that.


Just decide that you've not yet met some of your top leader warriors!


We decided to control what we could – ourselves.


"If you build it… they will come."


What is the "it" we're building?


The "it" is your best you… the "it" is leadership worth following, the "it" is a solid work ethic rooted in our fundamentals and success system, the "it" is a commitment to helping others win.


Your team is out there waiting for you. Are you building the safe, solid, capable place for them to come to?


Be the teammate you want to attract.





Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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Who do you in Mooresville, NC?

Mville Flyer JULY

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Myths Debunked

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Myths Debunked
Occasionally I'll hear a sharp, well intentioned person share an opinion or assumption that is is far from reality…

Here are some examples, and how I gently separate truth from fiction…

Myth #1: The market is saturated
Reality: The market is "softened", but far from saturated. AdvoCare recently did a survey and found that approximately 15% of people have even heard the word "AdvoCare". Our best days are ahead! Don't miss it.

Myth #2: People at "the top" make all the money
Reality: I've always wondered what "the top" is.  When we signed up I guess we were on "the bottom"? Nah. From day 1, we were "the top" of our organization, just like you're the top of your team & organization. 

Myth #3: You've got to get in early and on the ground floor
Reality: AdvoCare was founded in 1993.  We enrolled in 2004.  The "Hall of Fame" and first wave of millionaires were already established.  So I guess we were late to the party?  Nah. We followed the same plan to get the same result. The only timing that matters is your timing. 5 & 10 Years from now, they'll be saying you "got in early".

Myth #4: Real opportunities shouldn't require an investment
Reality: Our friend owns a car lot; I'm pretty sure he's gotta buy the cars before he sells them. Want to own a Subway?  You'll buy your bread & meat before you sell your first sandwich. This isn't a "job" with a salary, it's an opportunity to own a business. We even offer a 1 year satisfaction guarantee for Advisors as a safety net – making their minimal investment safe.

Myth #5: Its a pyramid scheme
Reality: We're the opposite of a pyramid; corporate hierarchies model a pyramid. "Schemes" are illegal, and don't involve the sale of a real product.  What makes Advo so legit is that many people purchase our great products without a business interest. The product has real, proven value in the marketplace – that establishes legitimacy.

Myth #5: It won't last
Reality: Many "old school" direct sales companies, the pioneers, are still alive 40 -50 years later – legitimacy allows for survival. What job or company is guaranteed to be here tomorrow or next year?  Nothing anywhere is perfectly secure, yet our chances of being around a long time are as good as anyone.  Danny Mac was making 1.6 Mil per year back in 2004 when we enrolled; Here we are 11 years later and the McDaniels are over 3 Mil per year now. What will you achieve over the next 5 to 10 years here?  What we do know is these are great times in AdvoCare right now, and we can take our engagement, impact, and income up right now.

Hold firmly to the truth.

Embrace sharing it with people and seeing the lightbulb turn on in them!


Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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