Leadership Pins Period Ending 3/17/15

These are the pins earned by our entire organization last pay period.

These are the pins in qualification by our entire organization this pay period.


The words like Gold, Silver, Ruby, etc. match up to the Income Disclosure statement below.

***Please note these are leadership pins in the Sagot, Reynolds, Scheinder, Romanaskas, Bernal, Horsley, Ferngren and Buttar Organizations.

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Since Wes Bewley gave us this inside look (5+ years ago)…
at Advocare's shipping department back in 2009, Advo has a new distribution center and has quadrupled in revenue. Many families have built 6 & 7 figure annual incomes who hadn't even heard of AdvoCare when this clip was shot…
What's not changed…
is beauty of consumables and the residual income it produces for those who partake!

Over the next 5 years… 
will you put the same system to work for your future and family?




We're in America – during the greatest time in history to
build your own low-overhead CHA-CHING business.





Matt Warren

Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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Cleanse Tips – Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

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If you are doing the 10-Day AdvoCare Cleanse Program or coaching others who are, 
these tips & perspectives might be helpful…

- The first 3 days will determine the rest of your cleanse; those who start strong 
set the stage to finish strong… 
- "Variety is the spice of gluttony"; focus on enjoying simple and clean nutrition… 
- Take the pressure off of feeling the need for recipes – bears and birds don't have recipes!…
- Pretend you're a caveman/cavewoman for a period of time; eat simply and thankfully for the nourishment you're able to aquire – a piece of fruit is a beautiful thing when it's given your attention and isn't surrounded by a bunch of other stuff…
- But I understand we have a life to live… if I have a lunch appointment at Chipotle… it's OK… I'll order a burrito in a bowl: no tortilla, no cheese, no sour cream
- Another fun idea – make some chilli,
(no cheese or crackers though)…


- My most productive and inspired times often happen during a cleanse, and I hope the same for you too… let this 10 days be a jumpstart to a better you…

- One discipline typically fuels other disciplines… consider reading a new book when you start your cleanse… what discipline can you add for the next 10 days that may open doors in life that might currently be closed?…


We look forward to hearing your cleanse SUCCESS STORY! 




Matt Warren

Advocare Distributor Since 2004

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If I could design my Dream career…

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If I Could Design my Dream Career…
Looking back in my journals before AdvoCare, here are some of my heart's desires in a career.  Thank you God for delivering in a big and perfect way!
- Represent something I use and believe in
- Offer a life changing product or service
- Uncapped leadership & earning potential

- Flexibility and freedom with my schedule

- Be involved with health, fitness, and sports

- Travel to cool places

- Be based from home

- Keep Family and Fitness a priority

- Ability to lead and mentor others

- Ability to follow and be mentored

- Strong corporate support mixed with healthy dose of autonomy and ability to create and lead
- Ideal balance of competition and teamwork: I'm happy for the success of my colleagues and vise versa
- Present and share things I believe in, motivate and inspire others
How about you?
How do you want to spend your days?
If the above things appeal to you, don't miss the REALITY that AdvoCare has made your Dream position.  Many others are living this Dream.  You can too if you simply choose!


Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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NEW Mint Chocolate Brownie Shakes! Limited Supply…

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Get Some Before They're Gone!

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