If you’ve done it once…

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If You've Done It Once…



If you can make $9 here, you can make $900, and if $900, then $9000… and if $9,000, then $90,000, and so on…



Remember, you only have to really be on and great a handful of times and seasons here to really improve your LIFESTYLE and POSITIVELY IMPACT many others too…



If you've shown any retailing or recruiting prowess here – EVER – keep going, you've already proven you've got what it takes.



When your proven skill lands on a few champions over time, and then a few more over more time, your long term body of work will reward you well.





Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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You are receiving this because of our mutual membership in AdvoCare.  

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F – follow

O – one

C – course

U – until

S – success


Follow one course until success…


Although we may need to be advancing a few projects, jobs, income streams at one time, WHAT'S GETTING YOUR JUICE?


When AdvoCare found Amber & me, we were engaged in other ventures outside our Plan A jobs…


Our Advisor order was in, but Advo was seen initially as no-lose, high upside, no brainer with 40% off and an additional stream of income… but we didn't have a decided heart right away…


Being "a jack of all trades and master of none" wasn't taking us anywhere meaningful…


So we had to trim the fat…


I put some opportunities "on the shelf" because I realized that to make AdvoCare work, it was gonna need MY JUICE…


We would need to WILL our business into existence, which would take intention and focus…


When I started to give Advo my juice, even on a part time basis, things began to move…


The way I felt good about this?  I knew that building AdvoCare would allow the time & money one day to pick up or pursue the other projects.


One doesn't stumble into sustained pin levels here…


As a full time income and time freedom were earned, a funny thing happened – the old projects, once put down, were somehow being lived out or completed (writing, investing in real estate) as a part of our AdvoCare journey… but those blessing were earned over time by FOCUSING and becoming really good at this vehicle…


Frankly, I was tired of unfinished dreams and being almost really good.  So building this business became somewhat of a personal challenge (still is)… 











Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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Wolfpack by the numbers period ending 10/21/14

Mission: Lead others to discover their potential in Health, Finances and Leadership.
Values: Nobody EVER gets left behind.
Creed (a statement of belief): Invictus. (Latin for unconquerable)

New Advisors: 136 (World Record – 498 set 5/06/14)
New Distributors:  1,017 (World Record – 2,338 set 5/06/14)
Sponsoring Leaders: Working Leaders –  782 (World Record – 1,451 set 5/06/14)

Beadle, April
Bryan, Cathy
Coole, Lori
Davis, Brianna
Franklin, Kessalyn
Grant, Scott
Green, Erin
Magnarini, Kelly
Perez, Antonio
Peterson, Kenley
Smith, Amanda
Squiers, Valerie
Thatcher, Shelby
Ulmer, Chelsea
Weiner, Jonathan
Will, Erin
Woolsey, Amber
Zeigler, Joshua

Lail, Jason

Mee, Kaylin

Fight Club (3K PGV or higher)
1. Matt Cullen – 5976.1
2. Kari Boatner – 5755.3
3. Elizabeth Norris – 4772.4
4. Cristal Dongilli – 3928.15
5. Brent Goodroe – 3926.1
6. Samantha Sagot – 3807.2
7. Alexis Jetton – 3766.55
8. Dawn Aronoff – 3531.15
9. Chelsea Ulmer – 3467.85
10. Lynn Biddinger – 3322.15
11. Morgan Dowd – 3161
(Not including Reynolds, Schneider, Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

2+ Front line Sponsoring Club
Vignolo, Brandon – 6
Norris, Elizabeth – 5
Cullen, Matt – 4
Jones, Lisa – 4
Kelly, Lindsay – 4
Spencer, Brittany – 4
Barnes, Patricia – 3
Church, Natalie – 3
Davis, Pam – 3
Hays, Breea – 3
Kelley, Katie – 3
Liphardt, Christine – 3
Morrison, Courtney – 3
Riat, Niki – 3
Ricker, Jenny – 3
Stokes, Christina – 3
Ulmer, Chelsea – 3
Auker, Monica – 2
Beadle, April – 2
Bednar, Lindsay – 2
Biddinger, Lynn – 2
Butler, Danielle – 2
Cekosh, Dana – 2
Consalvo, Christina – 2
Deenik, Taryn – 2
Delgado, Najia – 2
Drummond, Daniel – 2
Fuller, Caity – 2
Green, Monica – 2
Hall, Mary – 2
Harris, Nicole – 2
Klassen, Mary – 2
Menias, Demiana – 2
Merriam, Brian – 2
Nicholson, Tammy – 2
Parks, Jacob – 2
Phaturos, Tracee – 2
Rosenberg, Kary – 2
Rutter, James – 2
Sagot, Samantha – 2
Schroth, Alexandra – 2
Scott, Casie – 2
Smith, Amanda – 2
Smith, Brenda – 2
Van Vleet, Marcus – 2
Walsh, Raven – 2
Youngblut, Jenn – 2
(Not including Schneider, Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

Top 50 Override (building a team of leaders and earning residual income)
Jason Horsley -Miramar, FL
Joyce & Robert Ferngren -Orlando, FL
Kayla & Rob Schneider -Aurora, CO
Meghan & Jason Herrera -Aurora, CO
Tori & Anthony Bernal -Winnsboro, TX
Jesse & Elizabeth A Reynolds -Jacksonville, FL
Chana & Joe Navarro -Little Elm, TX
Cj & Meleisa D Stockel -Hoschton, GA
Charisse & Clint Sneddeker -Frisco, TX
Danielle & Jonathan Butler -Oakwood, GA
Jason & Christine K Yusavage -Olyphant, PA
Michelle & Robert Romanaskas -Scranton, PA
Leda Perez-Castillo -Ocala, FL
Cari & Brian Schlauch -Helena, MT
Charlie & Theresa Norman -Valrico, FL
Todd & Hollie Vokal -Hoschton, GA
Brandon & Kathy Eiff -Montgomery, AL
Sandy Moss -Creede, CO
Sarah & Cody Davidson -Midland, TX
Braunwaun & Travis R. Burkholder -Midland, TX
Samantha Sagot -Port Orange, FL
Sarah Hammond -Fort Collins, CO
Yadira & Art J. Schulz -Apopka, FL
Alexis Jetton -Edgewater, FL
Anthony & Gina Boyer -Kissimmee, FL
Lisa & David Sentner -Pittsburgh, PA
Talia Walsh -Scranton, PA
Kitt & Karen Hildreth -Longwood, FL
Luis Rodriguez -Winter Garden, FL
Sara Calicott -Little Rock, AR
Lori Gandolfo -High Point, NC
David Claytor -Saint Cloud, FL
Niki & Justin Riat -Evansville, IN
Anastashia Lovell -Littleton, CO
Jennifer Fuller -Port Orange, FL
James & Dody Sorrells -Braselton, GA
Shawna & Nathaniel Lemmon -Edgewater, FL
Matthew & Patricia Constantino -Farmington, NY
Chris & Susan Davenport -Little Rock, AR
Rebekah & Nathan Dunning -Cincinnati, OH
Joy Marinas -Waynesville, NC
Heidi & Dennis Fleming -Port Orange, FL
Maria & Jeremy Ruby -Eynon, PA
James & Mariah Rutter -Montgomery, AL
Jennifer & Brian Gauntner -Pittsburgh, PA
Holly & Mike Evans -Midland, TX
Krysta & Zach Huckabee -Lampasas, TX
Jorge & Ana Zorrilla -Orlando, FL
Emily & Kyle Eisenach -Little Rock, AR
Michael & Kyleigh Thornton -Davenport, FL

(You would have had to earn at least $1400 in Override to make the top 50)

Team Buttar Pay Period Kick Off Call
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Our organization grew by 1,017 people in the last 2 weeks. For anyone who is interested in learning the right way to build this business, grab your journal, drink a Spark and watch this 72 minute training the basics of building this business from Triple Diamond Danny McDaniel.

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Pay Period Kickoff Call – Period Ending 10/21/14

buttar-426dc19f-eaef-4720-9f1b-11d6ca4e1a98-v2 Listen Online

  • Z trained on how to use the last 10 weeks of 2014 to explode 2015
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Leadership Pins Period Ending 10/21/14

These are the pins earned by our entire organization last pay period.

These are the pins in qualification by our entire organization this pay period.

The words like Gold, Silver, Ruby, etc. match up to the Income Disclosure statement below.

***Please note these are leadership pins in the Reynolds, Scheinder, Romanaskas, Bernal, Horsley, Ferngren and Buttar Organizations.

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