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The Power of Consumables



Part 1: Why our business model is a perfect fit for those desiring freedom


Part 2: Why some of America's "sharpest" miss it



Part 1: The perfect business model


Proctor & Gamble gets it… they don't mess with things people don't re-use or consume…


I'm sure they could make great stereos, tools, or chairs… but they're not interested…  


PnG is in the business of CONSUMABLES: shampoo, paper towels, tooth paste, dish soap, etc…


They even took a mop (something fixed & re-usable) and made a consumable alternative, SWIFER…


Brilliant!  Notice the box even says "Refill / Recharge"… 

these guys are serious about CONSUMABLES…




Consumables = Cash Flow

Consumables = Work Today, Be rewarded BOTH today & tomorrow

Consumables = Time Freedom





It's one thing that we can earn significant income, but the best part is that we have time freedom in addition to that!


Duplication allows for SIGNIFICANT INCOME…

Consumables allow for MONTHLY…




Advocare gives the average Joe an opportunity to build their own 



Advocare Spark, MNS, Rehydrate, Omegaplex, Shakes, Bars, Catalyst – INCREDIBLE…



Part 2: Too sharp for their own good


Let's be honest – who wouldn't want a significant residual income with a life changing product line & company… everyone WANTS that… people don't CHOOSE it due to:

- work over time w/ significant upfront work

- fear of rejection

- unwilling to start at zero

- poor wiring & lack of belief

- not coachable

- too sharp for their own good


What do I mean by "too sharp for their own good?"…


Many "sharp" people got hired or swept into the world of formal sales or management and work to line the pockets of companies who provide consumable products: gym memberships, PnG (above), pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc…


Their sharpness gets them the nice salary upfront…


The salary increases over time, as does their lifestyle & financial commitments…


They're making "good money" & are successful in the eyes of their peers & family…


They don't look ahead 5, 10, 15 years and question whether they can keep this pace…


They ignore the reality that they're not building a "residual" or walk-away income…


Their 80K-200K salary takes care of their families & keeps them in competition & good standing with the "Jones'"…


They're "in too deep", and officially in the rat race, on the treadmill, no end in sight…


In their heart of hearts, most look back and wish they would have started a business or said yes to a good direct sales opportunity a long time ago…


They're stretched mentally and short on time… changing directions is risky… adding a plan B will take away some time…


And this is the point where many "sharp" people are when they find Advocare…


The ones who say YES and go to work have a high probability of significant success because of their skill set & network…


Some say yes, many don't (due to factors listed above)…


And the irony is that many work for a company promoting a consumable product, but they're unaware or ignore the fact they're not in a position to earn residually (if they don't show up and produce, they don't get paid).


Getting by nicely – YES.


Building Freedom – HARDLY.


So why wouldn't they build Advocare on the side – Plan B, Part Time?


One must swallow some pride to say "my path isn't taking me where I want to go, I'm going to get uncomfortable in multiple ways to go in the direction of my ideal future".


We want to work with the ones who recognize what they 

can have here and are willing to work for it.



Matt Warren

AdvoCare Distributor Since 2004

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We’re Trending…

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We’re Trending



In 5 years, more people will be purchasing nutritionals (energy, omegas, cleansing, performance) than who are right now; WELLNESS IS TRENDING UP.


In 5 years, more people will be making more purchases online and with their phones than who are right now; WEB PURCHASING IS TRENDING UP.



Given we’re a in-demand wellness company who’s transactions happen primarily over the web, this is exciting news for us; WE’RE TRENDING…




Our best days are ahead of us.  If you’re reading this email now in 2013, you’re a pioneer, relatively speaking – the major marketshare is still out there to be grabbed…



I see a culture emerging who despises the cubicle, the quotas, the hierarchy and politicking that accompanies working as an employee in a corporation…



This is the age of the independent contractor who controls their day and their schedule… who meets a friend at a coffee shop and does business over a computer or phone…



It’s the age of meaningful work… people don’t want to market widgets, they want to positively impact others with their career…



It’s the age of being present.. you don’t need to remind most people that life is short, they get it, and they want to design a LIFESTYLE to enjoy their days…



Tremendous opportunities exist especially with the younger generation who doesn’t bring the baggage or scar tissue to the table that sometimes accompanies those my age and older… avoid the know-it-alls and seek the open minded who recognize obvious trends…



Communicate these obvious trends to everyone you know and work with the ones who see what you see and want to be a part of it with you…



Amber & I are excited about the present and future success we all get to enjoy together!



Keep at it – it’s only gonna get more fun.




Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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New Holiday Product – Limited Supply!

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See image for details…



CAN DO WITH THE NEW PUMPKIN SPICE SHAKES… (thanks Mike & Janelle Friedrich!)


* Are you doing any holiday themed mixers? If not, you should be! Of course we sample Spark at ALL mixers because it is an impact product, but you could also sample the new Pumpkin Spice Shakes. Just mix up a shake and pour it into small cups for your guests to try.


* Do you give away small AdvoCare gift packages during the holidays to teachers, co-workers, friends, mail carriers, doctors, etc? If not, you should! This is a great product to add to the small package!

* Have you tried any of the AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake pancake or muffin recipes? If not, you should! This would be great for both of those recipes! (Recipes Below)



Empty AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake powder into coffee mug.
Add about a tablespoon of water
Mix (should be about cake batter consistency)
Microwave for 1:20-30.
Voila… 24 grams of protein!



1 Advocare Meal Replacement Shake pouch

2 egg whites*
1 banana
1/4 tsp of baking powder

1. Mix all of the ingredients but the banana together until mixture is smooth. If you need to add a splash of water to help with consistency you may do so.
2. Mash the banana up into the mixture. Once the banana is mashed pretty well you should be able to stir all of the ingredients together and create a nice thick consistency.
3.Coat a non stick skillet lightly with Pam or olive oil on medium heat.
4. Pour the desired size pancake into the pan. Once the mixture begins to bubble up, flip the pancake.
5. Once the pancake has cooked all the way through, remove from the pan on to your plate.
6. Top with Peanut butter, PB2 or sugar free, low calorie syrup.

* Eggs vs Egg Whites
1 egg=2 egg whites
1 egg white= 2 tbsp

1 egg= 1/4 cup egg whites



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Our Reality…

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Our Reality


Early in our Advo journey, we realized there were people who had opinions or beliefs about our products and business that were very different than ours…


We had to decide what we believed and choose our reality…


Here are some skeptical opinions we faced, followed by the reality we chose:



"You can get everything you need through food."

We can also get everywhere we need to by walking, but I'll enjoy the modern benefits of a car.  Food and supplements are both information – and I choose the info I put into my body in both food and supplement form to program the physical result I want.  Many of our nutritionals are simply encapsulated food that I'd never have the opportunity to eat.  Advo helps bring nature & science's best to my body.



"You need to get a "real" job."

 When we enrolled in AdvoCare, Amber & I decided that we were CEO's of our own multimillion $$$ nutrition company, and we employed ourselves to go build it.  Instead of pharmaceuticals, we offer nutraceuticals.  Instead of "Big Pharma", we're "Big Wellness"!



"Only a few people make money in those things."

 If others can do it, so can we.  Our journey will be unique to us, based on our skill set, effort, network, etc.  AdvoCare has thousands of distributors at the Silver level earning over $1000 per month on average.  We believed early on that one day we'd earn a 6 figure income in Advo, even if it took 10 years we were gonna get there.  We committed to becoming the type of people capable of building a 6 figure income with AdvoCare; this commitment eventually led to a 7 figure annual income.  Our income is simply a way to keep score of how many people our organization is helping.



"It's a pyramid scheme or MLM."

 This is not a personal attack on us, it's an attack on a concept that's foreign to them at this point or on other companies who're very different from AdvoCare.  Put simply: we're a direct selling company (bring product to market through relationships, not stores) who compensates our distributors through multiple levels of business development.  
Most traditional corporate hierarchies are a true pyramid structure and someone can never outearn a person higher within the hierarchy.  We have the opportunity to outearn our sponsor which makes us opposite of a pyramid.  Most often, the very people who throw stones at us work in or own a "pyramid".  I find this fascinating, and it motivates me to press on, educate, and move forward with those who've ears to hear.



 "You've gotta "hit up" your friends and family."

Our job is to create opportunities for people to know what AdvoCare offers and what we're doing with it, then they get to choose whether it makes sense for them or not.  We're more messengers and teachers than sales people.  A great benefit of our business is the opportunity to work, support, and win with people whom we like & connect.  We believe in our product and business, so of course we'll share it with those we know to give them a choice like we were given.  When someone buys product or joins us in the business, they've won as much as we have.



So – who and what do YOU believe?


I encourage you to gain great clarity in what you believe, then move forward with a decided heart!




Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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Since Wes Bewley gave us this inside look
at Advocare's shipping department back in 2009, we have a new distribution center, have more than tripled in revenue, and much more…
What's not changed is beauty of consumables and the residual income it produces for those choose to partake!
Over the next 5 years… will you put the same system to work for 
your future and family?





We're in America – during the greatest time in history to
build your own low-overhead CHA-CHING business.





Matt Warren

Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Distributor

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