Wolfpack by the numbers period ending 05/19/15

Mission: Lead others to discover their potential in Health, Finances and Leadership.
Values: Nobody EVER gets left behind.
Creed (a statement of belief): Invictus. (Latin for unconquerable)

New Advisors:  218 (World Record – 498 set 5/06/14)
New Distributors: 2,043 (World Record – 3,579 set 4/21/15)
Sponsoring Leaders: 1,456  (New World Record – 2,156 set 4/07/15)

Bailey, Khamsin
Bauer, Haley
Birchfield, Diane
Case, Sheila
Clarke, Alicia
Collins, Gina
Coltura, Loran
Dietrich, Reed
Groom, Kerith
Heiserman, Regina
Kohner, Jenifer
Robbins, Leslie
Sheffield, Matthew
Townsend, Haley
Wilson, Randy

Carrera, Stephanie
Koenig, Samantha
Kostelnik, Lauren

Fight Club (3K PGV or higher)
1. Brittany & Nate Boggs – 12503.3
2. Jordan & Ben Feria – 9728.1
3. Audrey & Vasil Atanasov – 7682.5
4. Jordan King – 7654.15
5. Pam Giese – 7199.25
6. Ashley Vitale – 6537.05
7. Ashley & Christopher Natalini – 6395.55
8. Lauren Lavine – 5821.95
9. Samantha Sagot – 5492.9
10. Matt Cullen – 5293.8
11. Jessica Sexton – 5255.5
12. Lindsay Bowman – 5103.95
13. Jeanie & Peter Vetowich – 4694.7
14. Tiffany Felgere – 4663.45
15. Mary Hall – 4637.4
16. Maggie Latimer – 4637.05
17. Rachel Breitag – 4612.75
18. Ian Smith – 4151.65
19. Steve Greenberg – 4084.3
20. Stacia Regn – 4054.1
(Not including Reynolds, Schneider, Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

2+ Front line Sponsoring Club
Feria, Jordan – 8
Karabaich, Tiffany – 5
Boggs, Brittany – 4
Grech, Julie – 4
Haywood, Shawna – 4
Knox, Ashley – 4
Lamb, Kim – 4
Lavine, Lauren – 4
Simons, Alyse – 4
Vis, Lisa – 4
Yager, Charles – 4
Atanasov, Audrey – 3
Boe, Lisa – 3
Breitag, Rachel – 3
Cassady, Courtnee – 3
Consalvo, Christina – 3
Cooper, Lisa – 3
Dietrich, Reed – 3
Fleming, Scott – 3
Gianakas, Marissa – 3
Gousset, Ashley – 3
Lacey, Tonya – 3
Nunley, Christina – 3
Quarles, Kellie – 3
Schulz, Rachel – 3
Stevens, Emily – 3
Vargas, Claudia – 3
Vitale, Ashley – 3
Weiner, Jonathan – 3
Weinzapfel, Jennifer – 3
Wells, Donna – 3
Adams, Laura – 2
Aronoff, Dawn – 2
Barber, Allan – 2
Bisesi, Kendra – 2
Boone, Rebecca – 2
Brison, Jason – 2
Buttar, Zahid – 2
Campbell, Nicole – 2
Cekosh, Dana – 2
Cullen, Matt – 2
Difeliciantonio, Gina – 2
Eiff, Brandon – 2
Ewers, Dawn – 2
Fenton, Eryn – 2
Fuller, Caity – 2
Funk, Douglas – 2
Grisham, Melody – 2
Hall, Mary – 2
Hargraves, Andrea – 2
Heldt, Jane – 2
Jones, Jeremy – 2
Judson, Amanda – 2
King, Jordan – 2
Knepper, Colleen – 2
Knopf, Debby – 2
Koenig, Samantha – 2
Kolansky, Sherri – 2
Latimer, Maggie – 2
Lindsey, Travis – 2
Lovelady, Lisa – 2
Mason, Cassandra – 2
Mayo, Jeffrey – 2
Merrill, Dean – 2
Miller, Don – 2
Morrison, Courtney – 2
Owens, Meghan – 2
Paisley, Amanda – 2
Pleiss, Wendi – 2
Raczka, Danielle – 2
Ritterson, Erica – 2
Roccia, Kristina – 2
Rutter, James – 2
Sagot, Samantha – 2
Sanders, Carrie – 2
Santilli, Christina – 2
Scherer, Ryan – 2
Schmidt, Breanna – 2
Simmons, Dominique – 2
Simmons, Stefanie – 2
Slabaugh, Suzanne – 2
Smith, Amanda – 2
Smith, Ryann – 2
Taylor, Mitzy – 2
Tichenor, Amber – 2
Tovar, Rachel – 2
Vetowich, Jeanie – 2
Wallace, Alissa – 2
Youngblut, Jenn – 2
(Not including Schneider, Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

Top 50 Override (building a team of leaders and earning residual income)
Jason & Mailyn Horsley – Miramar, FL
Joyce & Robert Ferngren – Orlando, FL
Sara & Matt Thorpe – Little Rock, AR
Kayla & Rob Schneider – Aurora, CO
Samantha Sagot – Port Orange, FL
Emily & Kyle Eisenach – Little Rock, AR
Meghan & Jason Herrera – Aurora, CO
Cj & Meleisa Stockel – Hoschton, GA
Danielle & Jonathan Butler – Oakwood, GA
Chris & Susan Davenport – Little Rock, AR
Michelle & Robert Romanaskas – Scranton, PA
Tori & Anthony Bernal – Argyle, TX
Jesse & Elizabeth Reynolds – Mt Juliet, TN
Alexis & Robert Jetton – Edgewater, FL
Niki & Justin Riat – Evansville, IN
Cari & Brian Schlauch – Helena, MT
Charisse & Clint Sneddeker – Frisco, TX
Jason & Christine Yusavage – Olyphant, PA
Chana & Joe Navarro – Little Elm, TX
Anthony & Gina Boyer – Kissimmee, FL
Charlie & Theresa Norman – Valrico, FL
Leda Perez-Castillo – Ocala, FL
Rebekah & Nathan Dunning – Cincinnati, OH
Sandy Moss – Creede, CO
Todd & Hollie Vokal – Hoschton, GA
Sarah & Cody Davidson – Midland, TX
Talia Walsh – Scranton, PA
Kari & Matt Blackburn – Lexington, KY
David Claytor – Saint Cloud, FL
Braunwaun & Travis Burkholder – Midland, TX
Yadira & Art Schulz – Apopka, FL
Brandon & Kathy Eiff – Montgomery, AL
Breanne & Ashley Sprague – Fishers, IN
Sarah Hammond – Fort Collins, CO
Brett & Erica Rice – Cabot, AR
Shannon & Mark Mielnik – Spring Brook Township, PA
Anastashia Lovell – Littleton, CO
Maria & Jeremy Ruby – Eynon, PA
Shawna & Nathaniel Lemmon – Edgewater, FL
Anne Peach – Indianapolis, IN
Lori Gandolfo – High Point, NC
Stephanie Fuss – Port Matilda, PA
Kaylin & Tanner Mee – Helena, MT
Luis & Samantha Rodriguez – Windermere, FL
Lisa & David Sentner – Pittsburgh, PA
Jenn Youngblut – Fleming Island, FL
Jessica Kraiza – North Granby, CT
Stephanie & Long Maskelunas – Pittsburgh, PA
Krysta & Zach Huckabee – Lampasas, TX
Jennifer Fuller – Port Orange, FL
(You would have had to earn at least $2,100 in Override to make the top 50)

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Pay Period Kickoff Call – Period Ending 5/19/15

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Leadership Pins Period Ending 5/19/15

These are the pins earned by our entire organization last pay period.

These are the pins in qualification by our entire organization this pay period.


The words like Gold, Silver, Ruby, etc. match up to the Income Disclosure statement below.

***Please note these are leadership pins in the Sagot, Reynolds, Scheinder, Romanaskas, Bernal, Horsley, Ferngren and Buttar Organizations.

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Rehydrate! The Drink of Summer

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Did you know that AdvoCare Rehydrate is the official sports drink of Major League Soccer?
And although I'm just a "Dad Dude" and not a "Pro", if I had to pick only one AdvoCare product, Rehydrate would be right there…
We and our 2 little ones love it and use it morning and night…
Warren Fam Favorite: Key Lime Cherry
The assumption may be that Rehydrate is for "sweaty athletes" only…
And as great as it is during physical performance, the reality is that anyone can benefit by being better hydrated and utilizing electrolytes that help with overall bodily function and removal of toxins.
Did you know your metabolism operates more efficiently when hydrated?
Want a great post dinner healthy option with no caffeine?  Try Rehydrate in the evenings.
The benefits are numerous… below is more info from the main AdvoCare site…


* Helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity

* Includes amino acids to help feed your muscles
* Fuels your body with carbohydrates for energy production and sustained muscle endurance 

* Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals commonly produced during exercise
* Helps prevent cramping during and after exercise



Water is the basis for all body fluids and an essential part of many metabolic processes. Fluids are lost during prolonged exercise, outdoor activities at elevated temperature and even during indoor workouts and cooler temperatures, and it is important they are replaced. As much as two quarts of water can be lost in one hour of intense exercise+.

Studies have found that athletes who lose as little as two percent of their body weight through sweating have a drop in blood volume, which causes the heart to work harder to circulate blood. A drop in blood volume may also lead to muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue and even heat stroke+.


Individuals may be completely unaware of these occurrences. According to the Texas Heart Institute, feeling thirsty is not the best indicator of your body's water needs, because thirst occurs after your body is already dehydrated. Also, your thirst is usually satisfied even before your body's water supply is fully replaced. This means that during workouts, you should drink water even if you do not feel thirsty+.




Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink (Mix) provides the necessary nutrients to maintain proper metabolism and delay the onset of fatigue. It hydrates your body by re-establishing your electrolyte balance with its superior formulation. 


Rehydrate Drink has a low

glycemic index that produces a more gradual insulin response and is isotonic, thus providing rapid gastric emptying and rapid rehydration. Furthermore, this drink helps support the body's energy cycle and provides carbohydrate fuel necessary for energy production.


Unlike other sports drinks, Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink (Mix) includes antioxidants, carbohydrates, electrolytes, a powerful patented ingredient known as SustamineTM and other nutrients that effectively promote optimal hydration and recovery. Rehydrate Drink has a 1:1 ratio of sodium and potassium, two of the most vital electrolytes that are lost when we sweat. Rehydrate Drink helps prevent cramping by providing calcium, magnesium and L-glutamine to support the contraction and relaxation phases of the muscles. SustamineTM (L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine)

SustamineTM is a dipeptide of the amino acids, L-alanine and L-glutamine. This dipeptide enhances electrolyte and water absorption as well as promoting higher serum bioavailability and absorption of L-glutamine, compared to L-glutamine alone. It plays an important role in enhancing the immune system, muscle protein synthesis and energy production through gluconeogenesis.


This amazing sports drink also helps sustain carbohydrate energy by including chromium in its unique formulation, strengthening endurance at any activity level. Furthermore, the antioxidants in Rehydrate Drink help fight the effects of free radicals, and the amino acids support blood flow throughout the cardiovascular system. Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink (Mix) provides a complete spectrum of ingredients for hydration that far exceeds other leading sports drinks, making it a superior choice for the serious or casual athlete.



Directions For Use:


For ages 4 and older.

To prepare, shake or stir contents of one pouch or scoop into 8 fluid ounces of water. Drink liberally before, during and after physical activity.


Key Ingredients:

L-arginine, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chromium, thiamine (B-1), SustamineTM + Resources


University of Iowa Healthcare, New World Encyclopedia, Texas Heart Institute


(SustamineTM is a registered trademark of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd. www.sustamine.com

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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