$2100 of Perspective…

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$2100 of Perspective


A concept for those of you sharing the Advocare business opportunity…


$2100 Would be a bargain just to have the ability to start an Advocare business…


Products are a bonus…


Think about it…


Most franchises START at around 40K just to buy the name and start the process… (Curves: 30K, GNC: 40K, Smoothie King: 25K)


That franchise fee doesn't include:
- property lease
- signage
- employees
- product inventory
So essentially, the $79 AdvoCare Distributor fee IS the equivalent to the "franchise fee" in the above businesses… the fact that $2100 gets you product is kind of a bonus… it's seed that starts your business…
And no matter WHAT business or franchise you start, there is going to be a tremendous amount of sweat equity put in, especially in the beginning… 
Are you willing to put in the effort that makes it "roll"? 
That's the question to ask people… not whether they can afford $2100… the $2100 is a no brainer, a bargain drop in the bucket in the grand picture…
Not to mention the 12 Month Satisfaction Guarantee 
- unopened product is refundable for 1 year (unopened product)…

We chose to stay strong because this business was the best shot at FREEDOM that our family had.  And it's likely the best shot the people you're talking to have…
The people who are taking this conviction to the market place are winning big; make it your own conviction so you can win big too.

 Matt Warren

AdvoCare Distributor Since 2004

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Encouraging Thoughts…

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Some Encouraging Thoughts for Today…
Early on, I knew we had a multimillion dollar business on our hands… WITH SPARK ALONE.  I looked around and saw Starbucks, Diet Coke, and lesser "energy drinks" in people's hands and knew that our job was to replace a % of the population's "go to" drink to Spark…
Omega 3's are called "essential" for a reason, yet there are many people who aren't receiving the benefit.  We have what's "essential" for optimal health in our hands and will serve this growing "must have" for years to come…
Rehydrate is the best electrolyte drink on the planet… and it's all ours to market – Wow!

Our "24 Day Challenge" perfectly combines cleansing & fat burning principles, is just the right the length of time, and is priced right for mass appeal.  That's why we've helped so many and will continue to do so…
Instead of "Big Pharma", we're "Big Wellness".  
Celebrate your importance in the marketplace…
Instead of pharmaceuticals, you're in the nutraceuticals business… just promote yourself to CEO & Director or Regional Business Development!… (what began as "just Amber & me" has grown to a team doing over 50 Mil in annual sales… you have the same opportunity!)…
This world greatly rewards those with this mindset: 
"If they can do it, so can I."…
Whether I succeed greatly or have lukewarm success, the world will offer cynics and detractors… so if they're gonna be around anyway, they'll watch me succeed GREATLY…
AdvoCare offers a brilliant compensation plan that compensates for multiple levels of business development, while rewarding us appropriately for our strengths and individual contributions.
Most every business (financial products, insurance, furniture) compensates multiple levels of people in the effort to get the product from home office / factory to end consumer.  Like most all businesses, our distribution model compensates multiple layers for the value they add.
Most people are fair & reasonable.  When given an opportunity to learn the value of our products and business, they gain a great respect for it and choose to partake at some level.  And the more they "look under the hood", the more they like it.
If the many are zigging, it's a good thing to be zagging.
Your Best, Our Best, and AdvoCare's Best is yet to come…
Keep fighting the good fight!


Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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The Next Millionaires…

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The Next Millionaires… Why Not YOU?
Team: I write this not to pump myself up, but to pump up you and your dreams.  I want you to ask yourself, "Why Not Me?"  I want you to work with a chip on your shoulder.  I want you to experience your dreams, reach your potential, 
and know that YOU BELONG.
 Yesterday I was at our place in Vail and met one of our neighbors, a recently retired cardiologist (heart doc)…
Beside him lives another Doc…
On the other side of him lives a highly successful businessman who has over 1000 employees…
And beside him is the long time mountain home of the first American to orbit the earth, John Glenn…
So how is it possible the Warrens ended up in the same hood given they didn't come from wealth, aren't uber educated, aren't doctors/lawyers, and didn't start a business of their own?
Well, I read a book 10 years ago (when we still had bad debt but strong vision) that revealed our potential path to the 
 promised land…
Book Description: The Next Millionaires explains in detail why the 21st century will be known as the age of the entrepreneur, and how you can stake your claim to being one of these next 10 million millionaires-especially if you are in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness. It explains how old models of opportunity in physical distribution have given way to new opportunities in intellectual distribution, defined as teaching people about products or services that they didn't even know exist. And, drawing on Pilzer's 33 years of experience as an entrepreneur and employer, it explains how to use your past to find your place in the new economy and your ticket to becoming one of The Next Millionaires.
We do AdvoCare :)  That's how we got in that hood…

No, I don't think we're super special… but I know our company and business model ARE super special… that's the point here…

We didn't make anything… We simply aligned ourselves with the best products (AdvoCare) within a growing trend (Wellness)… 
and decided to take seriously our opportunity to distribute 
this great product to the masses…

Walmart & Cosco are similar… they don't make anything… they've mastered distribution…
AdvoCare allows YOU & US to be a part of distributing something great to the many…

This is the new age of wealth creation… open to all of us…

Back in the day, one had to be a doc, lawyer, CEO, successful brick/mortar business owner, or come from wealth to own a 2nd home in a resort setting… NOT ANYMORE…

I'm glad we read the book "The Next Millionaires" and said "If others can do it, so can we.  Let's go to work!"

It's up to you to decide if "Millionaire" is a destiny for "the rare chosen few", or if you believe the book that a millions of millionaire households are being created right now through wellness distribution and that you can be one of them.  
I encourage you Increase Your Dream, Up Your Intensity, 
& Believe!


Matt Warren

AdvoCare Advisor Since 2004

Platinum Leadership

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Wolfpack by the numbers period ending 02/17/15

Mission: Lead others to discover their potential in Health, Finances and Leadership.
Values: Nobody EVER gets left behind.
Creed (a statement of belief): Invictus. (Latin for unconquerable)

New Advisors: 206 (World Record – 498 set 5/06/14)
New Distributors:    2,022 (World Record – 2,458 set 1/06/15)
Sponsoring Leaders: Working Leaders – 1,359 (World Record – 1,451 set 5/06/14)

Canaletich, Carlo
Nicholson, Tammy
Kelley, Katie
Menard, Belinda
Henneberry, Mandy
Couch, Audra
Myers, Jennifer
Doyle, Michelle
Walton, Chelsea
Folk, Jody
Thompson, Jennifer
Bullock, Chrys
Dickson, Jonelle
Snider, Stormy
Palmer, Amanda
Bussey, Alison
Quinby, Aaron
Garner, Carrie
Williams, Sarah
Horsley, Ernest
Mrosko, Danielle
Rios, Kathleen
Vaughn, Brittany
Gianakas, Marissa
Ghormley, Mackenzie
Stoker, Andrea
Sims, Lee

Kaplan, Barbara
Desmond, Annmarie
Mcleod, Michele
Young, Rachel

Blackburn, Kari
Caggiano, Mariya
Noble, Matthew
Battenfield, Belinda

Boatner, Kari

Mee, Kaylin

Eisenach, Emily

Fight Club (3K PGV or higher)
1. Samantha Sagot – 9231.55
2. Maggie Latimer – 6756.3
3. Jordan & Ben Hauber – 6201.35
4. Jordan King – 5981.65
5. Amanda & Anthony Mattera – 5437.8
6. Michelle Kovacs – 5417.8
7. Jason Kleiner – 5384.95
8. Carly Wittine – 5302.1
9. Matt Cullen – 5211.05
10. Scott Fleming – 5042.55
11. Jenn Youngblut – 5041.45
12. Sarah & Adam Henke-Shafer – 5006.15
13. Ashley Vitale – 4888.7
14. Ashley Gousset – 4846.3
15. Lauren Lavine – 4074.2
16. Patricia Cooper – 3592.1
17. Shawna & Nathaniel Lemmon – 3586.75
18. Lindsey Simpson – 3573.8
19. Courtney Morrison – 3543.2
20. Angela & Kevin Tague – 3542.75
(Not including Reynolds, Schneider, Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

2+ Front line Sponsoring Club
Mattera, Amanda – 7
Karabaich, Tiffany – 6
Turner, Colin – 6
Hall, Mary – 6
Berta, Samantha – 4
Whalen, Christina – 4
Hauber, Jordan – 4
Dahlin, Roxanne – 3
Winters, Kai – 3
Haberland, Sarah – 3
Gousset, Ashley – 3
Conboy, Meagan – 3
Fleming, Scott – 3
Keller, Claire – 3
Simpson, Lindsey – 3
Schulz, Ryan – 2
Garcia, Sandra – 2
Von Osinski, Marc – 2
Stanaitis, Emily – 2
Lavine, Michael – 2
Tippins, Allye – 2
Vaughn, Miriam – 2
Brinkley, Cheney – 2
Frederick, Stephanie – 2
Thorndike, Mondana – 2
Newman, David – 2
Boehm, Ruth – 2
Latimer, Maggie – 2
Evans, Shana – 2
Ulrich, Jessica – 2
Cormier, Jason – 2
Gray, Emily – 2
Wittine, Carly – 2
Matovich, Erlaina – 2
Myers, Leigh – 2
Musilli, Steven – 2
Denoncour, Jaclyn – 2
Laser, Jennifer – 2
King, Jordan – 2
Clapsaddle, Kelly – 2
Stepan, Claire – 2
Jones, Lisa – 2
Doyle, Ashley – 2
Vaughn, Brittany – 2
Demske, Amanda – 2
Heitz-Siebenaler, Trina – 2
Jetton, Alexis – 2
Vitale, Ashley – 2
Grieco, Joseph – 2
Palmer, Dawn – 2
Hunt, Jacqueline – 2
Weiner, Jonathan – 2
Smith, Kyle – 2
(Not including Schneider, Romanaskas, Bernal, Ferngren or Horsley Organizations)

Top 50 Override (building a team of leaders and earning residual income)
Jason Horsley – Miramar, FL
Joyce & Robert Ferngren – Orlando, FL
Tori & Anthony Bernal – Argyle, TX
Kayla & Rob Schneider – Aurora, CO
Meghan & Jason Herrera – Aurora, CO
Cj & Meleisa D Stockel – Hoschton, GA
Jesse & Elizabeth A Reynolds – Jacksonville, FL
Samantha Sagot – Port Orange, FL
Cari & Brian Schlauch – Helena, MT
Chana & Joe Navarro – Little Elm, TX
Jason & Christine K Yusavage – Olyphant, PA
Leda Perez-Castillo – Ocala, FL
Alexis Jetton – Edgewater, FL
Michelle & Robert Romanaskas – Scranton, PA
Charisse & Clint Sneddeker – Frisco, TX
Sandy Moss – Creede, CO
Danielle & Jonathan Butler – Oakwood, GA
Charlie & Theresa Norman – Valrico, FL
Sarah & Cody Davidson – Midland, TX
Sara & Matt Thorpe – Little Rock, AR
Anthony & Gina Boyer – Kissimmee, FL
Braunwaun & Travis R. Burkholder – Midland, TX
Brandon & Kathy Eiff – Montgomery, AL
Todd & Hollie Vokal – Hoschton, GA
Chris & Susan Davenport – Little Rock, AR
David Claytor – Saint Cloud, FL
Heidi & Dennis Fleming – Port Orange, FL
Sarah Hammond – Fort Collins, CO
Anastashia Lovell – Littleton, CO
Yadira & Art J. Schulz – Apopka, FL
Talia Walsh – Scranton, PA
Rebekah & Nathan Dunning – Cincinnati, OH
Niki & Justin Riat – Evansville, IN
Lori Gandolfo – High Point, NC
Emily & Kyle Eisenach – Little Rock, AR
Matthew & Patricia Constantino – Farmington, NY
Shawna & Nathaniel Lemmon – Edgewater, FL
Kaylin & Tanner Mee – Helena, MT
Shannon Mielnik – Spring Brook Township, PA
Luis Rodriguez – Windermere, FL
Lisa & David Sentner – Pittsburgh, PA
Pam Giese – Port Orange, FL
Maria & Jeremy Ruby – Eynon, PA
Breanne & Ashley K. Sprague – Fishers, IN
Kitt & Karen Hildreth – Longwood, FL
Joy Marinas – Waynesville, NC
Stephanie Maskelunas – Pittsburgh, PA
James & Mariah Rutter – Montgomery, AL
Brett & Erica Rice – Cabot, AR
Corey & Katie Toms – Beaumont, TX
(You would have had to earn at least $2000 in Override to make the top 50)

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